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For the Joy of Ultimate Frisbee [entries|friends|calendar]
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Ultimutation [15 Jan 2008|03:27pm]

Hey you!!!

Are you bored to waiting for global warming?

Does your heating bill eat all your money?

Its time for action!!!

Pack your winter stuff in the wardrobe cause summer is here.

Winter becomes hot with us!

We represent Ultimutation - international Frisbee-Festival in Dahab (Egypt) on the coast of the Red Sea.

Waiting for you:

- Cloudless sky and brilliant sunshine

- Gold beaches and the ultramarine sea

- Cool sexy people

The Frisbee-Tournament is about rocking not winning

Hang With us and you have 100% Action

We offer a full throttle program with best DJs and Animators, which will energize you around the clock, so the trip becomes a Fulltime party.

PS. The space is limited.

Order: massimo.santoro@ultimutation.de

Questions: info@ultimutation.de

Hot is hot: http://www.ultimutation.com/

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[20 Jul 2007|09:36am]
hey all,
so, i used to do a lot more long distance cross country running, and I blame that for my completely collapsed and flat feet. although, recently ive picked up playing frisbee and i feel like i may have developed arches! My question to all y'all, is: Am I hallucinating? Or has anyone else ever experienced something like this before?

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Ultimate in Ukraine [11 Jul 2007|04:05am]

We'd like to introduce to you our new community about ultimate in Ukraine!
It's on Russian, but you may ask smth or write down your posts

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pa states!!!! [04 May 2007|10:09pm]

may 12-13 states philidelphia, pa!

much fun!

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[30 Apr 2007|10:13pm]


Originally uploaded by ilivefaster.
I recently overheard someone say, "People should be able to look at your clothes, and just KNOW you play ultimate."

I love the springtime.

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[20 Sep 2005|11:21am]


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Cortland players! [04 Sep 2005|07:07pm]

Hey everyone! I just moved into the Cortland area and I'm looking for players there! So if there's any pick-up games going on, leages or even just random people who like throwing a disc around contact me!! I havn't played since I got here and I'm ging nuts!!

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[14 Jun 2005|10:28pm]


Willoughby OH Ultimate Frisbee Website. This gives dates of games, clinics, and other various frisbee deals.

hope to see you there!


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Ultimate Kids [14 Jun 2005|10:23am]


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Anyone In North East Ohio [06 Jun 2005|01:55pm]

Ultimate Frisbee
Tuesday, June 7
Willoughby South practice football field
bring 1 red shirt, 1 shirt of anything but red, a disc, a good attitude, and plenty of water

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Games?? [16 May 2005|01:31pm]

hey, i'm lookin for games (pick-up, more competitive, whatever) in the Spring/Klein (North Houston) area, and i've already checked out houston ultimate community, and got into their schedule but i'm wanting to play a lot to get ready for UT's tryouts in the fall. If anyone knows of any games, or where to find out about some games, please comment!!

Thanks, have a great summer.


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Hey, whats up? [12 May 2005|10:22pm]

Joining this community becouse we recently started a ultumate team at my high school.

I have been playing since i was about nine. pickup games, and small tournament type things at my camp, small scale games.

started playing every day at lunch at my school about three years ago.

Im fourteen.

So, our team is doing pretty well, right now we are three and two, hoping to end the season 5 and two.

I was just wondering if you more experienced leugue players (i'm more of the hippytype myself) have any suggestions on drills and such, how to formulate a good stack, and how to develop a zone defense.


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Cleats [03 May 2005|08:34pm]

Hey, everyone,

I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem, but I run a heck of a lot faster when I wear sneakers than when I wear cleats and this leaves me a difficult choice when I'm on the field: either run faster with diminshed cutting abilities, or run slower with normal cutting power. I usually end up choosing the slow option.

On my cleats, there's one peg on the ball of each foot that I can really feel when I run, which really messes up my step. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for a better pair of cleats that doesn't give them this problem? I'm a poor college student, so preferably not too pricey...



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[15 Mar 2005|03:29pm]

New Balance is doing some new campaign where they are asking questions about what "motivates" athletes. A lot of the questions are somewhat SotG-related. Unfortunately it doesn't ask you what sport you play, so there is no breakdown of sport by sport answers. It'd be interesting to see the difference in opinions (or lack thereof, perhaps) between professional athletes, Div I college athletes and high-level ultimate players.


Hope y'all are enjoying High Tide (those who are lucky enough to be out there!)

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HIGH TIDE [03 Mar 2005|05:00pm]

hey, my term just ended, and its almost time to go to georgia for the week long tournament: High Tide 2005. who else is goin?

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Ultimate is my antidrug [03 Mar 2005|12:25am]

[ mood | dorky ]

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Spontaneous Ultimate Joy Post [16 Feb 2005|01:15pm]

[ mood | Crazy Happy ]

Yeah I am filled right now. I am putting together some schedules for my team, and suddenly I got the urge to say how damn enthused I am about playing this spring. I can't wait to get outside, and meet some teams and see what the freshmen will do this year. This is Love.

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Ultimate scholarships? [15 Feb 2005|03:34pm]


Hi my name's macy. Ultimate is the life and death of me. i am from vancouver, Canada and back home, i played in a high school team who won provincial championships, and coached a regionals team for National Championships. My teammate played for the winning team of World Championships. ULTIMATE IS LIFE. i'm now attending boarding school in connecticut, and they call ultimate a "slacker sport" and they're very reluctant to make it an interscholastic sport (it's currently an intramural sport).

But anyway, i was wondering if anyone knows of any universities or colleges that offer scholarships for ultimate players. I mean, there are WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS! there's bound to be a school that offers some kind of scholarship. i understand that amherst has a good ultimate team, and yale, and a bunch of other schools.

PLEASE HELP ME MAKE ULTIMATE A LEADING OLYMPIC SPORT OR SOMETHING! i'm sick of people calling it a slacker sport. because its not.

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this looks sweet [10 Feb 2005|07:18pm]

[ mood | ADD ]

Dartmouth Princess Layout presents...


From Disc 'til Dawn:

Ultimate Armageddon

Saturday, March 5th

6:00 pm until 6:00 am

Leverone Field House at Dartmouth College

Entry Fee: $10 dollars



"And there came hail and fire mixed with blood,
and it was hurled down upon the earth."
-- Book of Revelations, 8:7

The epic struggle between the forces of good and
evil has never been resolved; neither side can
claim outright victory for domination of the
world...until now. On March 5th, one tournament will
decide the future fate of the universe.

This tournament will be played in a modified hat
tournament style. Upon arrival, each player will
be assigned to either team Good or team Evil,
based on playing ability, gender, and "innate
goodness/evilness as determined by a judgment of your
peers." (i.e., if you are puritanically good or
despicably evil, there is no escaping your

Good and Evil will compete against each other in
a multitude of disc games throughout the evening.
There will be a full scale game of ultimate,
along with other disc games like flutterguts, double
disc, rolling rock, boot, etc. Players may
substitute into any game they want at any time, as long
as they only play for their assigned team. All
games will be played to a set number of points.
After a game finishes, the winning team will receive
points for winning the game, and then a new game
will begin. This will continue until 6:00 am, at
which time the points will be totaled for good
and evil and a winner announced. The winning side
will be rewarded with the knowledge that they can
claim complete domination of the universe for the
next millennium.

Participants may show up at any time during the
night, and leave whenever they feel they have
proven which side should be the true victor. Each
player should bring one white and one black shirt
(assuming you are unsure if you are good or evil).
We will be holding the tournament inside a field
house. Only sneakers should be worn inside the
field house, which is fairly well heated and
ventilated. All games will be coed, but there will be
no set ratio of men to women; that will be decided
by the participants on a game by game basis.

The tournament will provide bagels, water, fruit,
and 12 hours worth of ultimate. In addition,
because this is a major fundraiser for our team, we
will have dinner and snack food available for
purchase. "Good" food like sandwiches, Gatorade,
Power bars, and vegetables will be available, along
with "Evil" food like pizza, soda, candy, and junk
food. "Good" and "Evil" t-shirts can be purchased
for a small fee.

If you would like to attend the tournament,
please email:
and include your preferred team, along with
gender and playing ability (ranked on a 1 - 5 scale,
one being beginner and 5 being experienced upper
level club ultimate player). If you preregister,
you will get one free Dartmouth Women's Ultimate
sticker. Same night registration is allowed, but
does not include a sticker.

Information on the tournament, including all
updates and special notices, can be found at:
Check back here for news as the date approaches.

This tournament is a major fundraiser for the
Dartmouth Women's team. We are trying to play a
competitive winter schedule even though Hanover is a
frozen wasteland, so we are playing in a
California tournament and a Texas tournament. Please help
support our team in any way you see fit. We
accept any and all donations, and you will earn our
sincerest appreciation.

Team captains, please forward this email to your
teams. The more people who play, the better,
because no on can escape Armageddon.

Just remember...what will you say when your kids
ask you where you were during the decisive battle
between the forces of good and evil?

Directions to Leverone Field House:

From the Boston area (about 2.5 hours):
" Take I-93 north to I-89 north at Concord, NH.
" Get off I-89 at Exit 18 in Lebanon, NH onto
Route 120. (A sign says that it is the exit for
Dartmouth College.)
" Bear right off the exit, heading north on
Rt.120 into Hanover.
" 4.1 miles from the exit, Rt. 120 forks at a
traffic light.
" Bear right at the fork, following Rt. 120 until
the first traffic light. Leverone Field House
will be the large semi-circle building on the left
right after the traffic light.
From Burlington, VT (about 1.5 hours):
" Take I-89 south to I-91 north in White River
Junction, VT. See following directions.
From New York (about 5 hours), southern New
England and points south:
" Take I-91 north to exit 13 at Norwich, VT.
" Bear right off the exit, across the Ledyard
Bridge spanning the Connecticut River.
" Continue up the hill (West Wheelock Street) and
turn right at the second traffic light onto Rt.
120/South Park Street.
" Follow this road about .25 of a mile. Leverone
Field house is the large semi-circular building
on the right, directly before a traffic light.

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Another new member. [05 Feb 2005|09:10am]

Hey all, was bored this morning and figured to look for communities. This was one of them.

Quick Bio:
From NH, never played Ultimate competetively until attending... Gettysburg College, where I played Ultimate on the Pan Fried Funk team. My nickname was Pink on account of my high school, which was Pinkerton. This confused the hell out of opponents when my hair was blue. I've now graduated and am sadly Ultimate-less for a while, attending grad school at UNH, back in the home state.

So, timunplugged, I'm here in NH, I'll let you know if I find anything out. Maybe if you're close enough to UNH, you can sneak into participating with the Outdoor Club or Ultimate team (there are 2!) here.

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